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This course will prepare you for your academic or general IELTS examination.

This course builds on our Certificate in Teaching course. It is an extra element for teachers of English as a foreign language. This course has five sections: Teaching Speaking, Teaching Listening, Teaching Reading, Teaching Writing and an in-depth exploration of the Frisby Method in an EFL context. 

Frisby's College Certificate in Teaching is a comprehensive course which covers all important aspects of teaching and learning. This course is a teacher training course for students who wish to become a teacher as well as for teachers who are already qualified and wish to become better, more confident and more competent teachers. 

This course is suitable for teachers of any subject and discipline who aspire to improve their teaching skills by learning about and selecting teaching methods which are particularly suited to their own personality and subject, as well as their students. 

Our Certificate in Teaching course covers lesson planning & preparation, aspects on the teaching and learning process, assessment and evaluation, observed professional practice, theories & principles of inclusive learning & teaching, researching practice and curriculum design & development.

Participants are expected to have excellent knowledge of their subject and a keen interest in teaching. There are no minimum qualification requirements for this course, as it is suitable for students as well as qualified professionals. 

You will keep a reflective teaching diary throughout the course. There is also a practical teaching element which you will use to further your personal teaching styles. You are expected to present a short video of yourself in a teaching environment - this can be a classroom, but it can also be a one-to-one session with a friend.

The Certificate in Teaching is designed for teachers of any discipline. We offer a corresponding extra course element for teachers of English as a foreign language, which will allow you to gain our Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Cert Teaching EFL).


This course includes an initial and an end of course assessment. These must be submitted in order to achieve course certification. Further assessments are used throughout the course as part of your personal and professional development and reflective practice. You must take part in 90% of all activities in order to achieve your qualification. 

Teaching Practice

As part of your assessment, you are also required to submit two 5 minute videos of yourself whilst teaching. This can be in a classroom environment or as one-to-one.